Prayer Over The Loud Speaker Essay

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Claim: A student at the school, where I am the principal, has been hit by a car over the weekend. I will do everything in my power to calm and comfort my students. In the case of the student council asking to say a prayer over the loud speaker, I will have to turn them down. I will explain to the students that we are legally not allowed to offer prayer over the loud speaker, as it forces all students to hear the prayer, and could disrupt their work or offend their religious beliefs. I will instead offer the students an alternative. Over the loud speaker I will inform the student body of the accident and offer a moment of silence. I will tell all students and teachers that the moment of silence can be used for quiet reflection, quiet prayer, or a quiet activity. If any member of the student body, or anyone else wished to use that moment for silent prayer, that is their right.

Evidence: The United States was founded on religious freedom, and it is vital to our diverse society that our citizens be free to practice their separate religions. Schools are prohibited from interfering in students freedom of religion, and are not allowed to show favoritism towards one religion, which could happen if prayer were permitted on a school wide basis.
• Our country was founded on religious freedom, and this perspective has roots in the First Amendment to the Constitution, with its declaration that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free…

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