Essay about Pragmatics : Using Appropriate Language

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1)Pragmatics: Using appropriate language in social situations; communicating ideas appropriately (what to say, how to say it, when to say it, etc.) depending on the social context. In most cases, we use language as well as body language (non-verbal communication) to convey different ideas/messages when interacting with other individuals in society. For example, when greeting someone, the socially acceptable or “appropriate” response would be to say “Good Morning” or “Hello.” An example of a behavior that a child may exhibit would be him/her participating in a conversation, where the child is taking turns with the other speaker. In this example, the child is aware that this form of communication is about listening and responding, and knowing when it is appropriate to do either.
Semantics: Through semantics, we are able to understand the meaning of words. Semantics deals with the interpretation and meaning of words in the use of both literal and figurative language. In other words, depending on the sentence structure, certain words convey certain meaning. In early literacy, semantic strength is determined by whether the meaning of the sentence has remained unaltered. In most cases, when children are reading a text, most miscues will modify the meaning to some extent, but are still considered acceptable when the miscued word is close to the author’s meaning.” An example of a behavior that a child may exhibit would be a child saying “giggling” to describe laughter;…

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