Essay on Ppp Model in Rural Health

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Public Private Partnership in Rural Health Management in India

Dec -2013


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1. List of Abbreviations 3 2. Abstract 4 3. Introduction 6 3.1 Private Sector in India 7 3.2 THE ROLE OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR IN HEALTH CARE 8 3.3 Public/Private Partnership 8 3.4 OBJECTIVES OF PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS 10 3.5 Classifying PPPs 10 3.6 Challenges in Partnership 11 3.7 Characteristics of Partnership 12 3.8 Scope and types of partnership 13 3.9 The Study for Research paper 15 3.10.1 Analysis and Discussion 16 3.10.2
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Evidence indicates that, in many parts of India, the private sector provides a large volume of health services but with little or no regulation. The private sector is not only India s most unregulated sector but also its most potent and untapped sector. To address the inefficiency and inequity in the health system, many state governments have undertaken health sector reforms. One of these reforms has been to collaborate with the private sector through Public/Private Partnership (PPP). State governments in India are experimenting with partnerships with the private sector to reach the poor and underserved sections of the population.

Collaboration with the private sector to provide health services to the poor has generated many challenges. These include the motives of the private sector, scope and objectives of partnership, policy and legal frameworks, benefits of such partnerships, technical and managerial capacity of governments and private agencies to manage and monitor such partnerships, incentives for the private sector, stakeholder’s perspectives towards partnership, and explicit benefits to the poor through such partnerships. Research evidence on these issues in India is scanty.
This research study, conducted by the me under the MBA Program from Dayalbagh University, Agra compiled different case studies of

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