Power And Choice By Shively Essay

1016 Words Nov 14th, 2016 5 Pages
In the book Power and Choice by Shively he describes political culture to be a society that consists of attitudes and beliefs that form the basis of their political behavior. To put it into different terms it is a state that has similar views all around that in whole makeup their political views. Religion plays a tremendous role in political culture that can either create peace or issues in a society. The question is how much does religion effect political views, especially within Islam and terrorism? Islam does not contribute to terroristic culture but it does encourage violence like any other religion seen around the world. There will always been extremists in every religion that go too far in their beliefs. This can often lead to violent action taken, mostly in small groups. These small groups of extremists do not make up a whole religion or country. They are usually the minority group within that cause the damage and can create terrorism. If people are saying that Muslims are all contributing towards terrorism they are essentially being narrow minded and racist. There are many different kinds of Muslims who have different views. There are at least four different groups. These people happen to be Jihad who happen to be the extremist group who believe in a paradise. The second who are Islamist who also believe in a paradise but do not use violence, instead trying to get in through government. The third being the Conservative who do not believe in what the Jihads do but…

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