Essay on Poverty Is The Number One Cause Of Death

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Poverty is the number one cause of death in Africa. It single-handedly kills millions of people every year, and has tormented Africa since their emergence. The majority of these deaths are due to the absence of things that are taken for granted in most developed nations such as a dependable infrastructure, immunizations, and water. The whole continent got off on the wrong foot, and they have never recovered since. Until this situation is resolved, countless people will continue to die from avoidable causes such as diseases or lack of shelter. Africa has arrived at its current, unstable state due to its history, and their infrastructure, overall health, and children have been greatly affected.
Africa’s history has brought the continent to the disarray it is in today, and it seems as though they have yet to overcome these problems. The majority of Africa’s difficulties can be linked back to the slave trade. Although there is no concrete evidence as to how many slaves were exported out of Africa from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, estimates range from a few million to 100,000,000 people (“How many were…”). Even if the number was on the lower side of the spectrum, millions of people being taken from a continent will undoubtedly interrupt economic progress. Although it may not be surprising that seemingly the whole continent was stalled, it is alarming that they have yet to recover. During that period of slavery and manipulation, the rest of the world used Africa “as…

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