Poverty And Lack Of Education Essays

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Poverty Effects on Human The standard living below the minimum needed for the maintenance of adequate diet, health, and shelter is poverty. Poverty is a substantial conflict in developing countries because many people are starving and are not living in healthy conditions. People like us in developed nations seem to take our basic necessities of living for granted. The three main necessities we need most are diet, health, and shelter. We take these things for granted without thinking about how grateful we should be because many people around the world are struggling to receive these basic living necessities. There are three topics I am going to discuss about the history of poverty. The three topics are colonization, overpopulation, and lack of education. I will mainly be discussing about the outcome of these topics on people.
Firstly, there is colonization, this was a time period where ruling countries would take over poor countries by taking people and relocating them. An example of colonization from an article I read was, “France took (over almost all of Africa), Spain (more than half of South America), Germany, Portugal, and the Netherlands. Colonization was a very lucrative business. They had free resources and very cheap manpower and could avail themselves of cheap produce from their colonies.” "What Causes Poverty in Developing Countries?" Hubpages. 5 June 2014. Web. 12 Oct. 2015. . Colonizers took natural resources and riches from poor countries and left…

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