Essay about Potential Solutions For The Organization

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Potential Solutions

Option 1: Increase the Number of Managers to Improve Organizational Structure

First of all, the easiest solution to break down this problem would be to increase the amount of numbers on top of the organizational structure. Managers in an organization are the spiders in the big cobweb of employees and are therefore the most important factor in the the network of the organization. On top of that, Mintzberg (1979) states that managers develop the strategies of the organization’s business model to deal with environment to pursue their social goals in terms of a non-profit organization like Rural Action. When RA has more managers, they can develop a better structure to manage all the projects they organize, especially during summer. The survey filled out by the four managers of Environmental Education was overall positive about the potential solution to add more people. One of the responses said it should be beneficial if ‘‘the growth occurs in the right places and in the right ways’’. The responder would like to have a development director just for the program who would write grants, pursue sponsorships, write and execute a business plan, and strengthen relationships with donors and funders. Consequently, this method requires a bigger budget to pay the wages of the new managers in addition to the older employers. Nevertheless, this financial aspect of the solution could be prevented by the use of interns or volunteers. RA could possibly train these…

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