Pot Belly Research Paper

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The infamous “Pot Belly” term has been used for describing what primarily happens with middle-aged males when they gain excess fat within the lower stomach region. The appearance of a pot belly generally looks as if the abdominal region protrudes away from the body, and is usually rounded as if it were a pot. You could easily have this physical issue happen to you if you have an improper diet, stress too often, overly consume alcohol, live a sedentary lifestyle, and genetics could even play a role.
In order to lose this excess body fat, you need to consider performing simple tasks that most average men are capable of doing such as:
• Maintain a healthy diet plan
• Minimize issues that lead to stress
• Perform routine exercise plans
• Stay active
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You could actually cause potential long term effects to your body if you lose fat at a high rate. Let your body slowly drop the pounds and watch your pot belly disappear without any worries about sudden illnesses deriving from extreme weight loss.

7) Keep a Food
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The task of dieting to lose body fat comes with some hardships such as not being able to consume your favorite types of food, and having a food journal reminds you of the reasons why you started the diet in the first place.

8) Set Realistic Weight Maintenance Goals

Stating that you want your pot belly gone in a couple of weeks just does not cut it. Take the time to actually think about how you can get rid of your pot belly realistically. An example would be losing two pounds of fat in a month through consuming less refined carbs and drinking more water. You are the one who knows your body, and wanting to cheat yourself only places you back to square one.

9) Stick to your Grocery List

You walk into your nearest grocery store to find that a box of cookies is 90% off regular price. Your cravings are going to increase drastically and you are going to need a list to tell yourself that this unhealthy snack is bad for your diet. Stick to your shopping list and avoid these types of sales that lure in thousands of people. Consider choosing only low-fat items and fresh fruits and vegetables for snacking

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