Postmodern Writers : Gender And Narrative Strategies Essay

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In teasing out the narrative strategies of postmodern writers, Cristina Bacchilega in Postmodern Fairy Tales: Gender and Narrative Strategies, seeks to analyze the ways in which these writers have used postmodern techniques to alter fairy tales, whose malleability are suited for political, gendered, and narrative manipulation within their basic structure (2). Her purpose in writing the novel is threefold, in which she pursues questions of how woman and story are projected in images within these revision projects, what narrative mechanism support or elucidate these images, and what ideologies provide the foundations of these images? In summary, the aim of her analysis is to explore how gender is produced in these revisions and rewritings using narrativity and subjectivity (4-5). She maintains that having an informed epistemic understanding of both literature and folklore is necessary for analyzing what narrative rules are being produced in fairy tales, and, in the case of the revisions, what rules are being reproduced. For Bacchilega, fairy tales are a transitional genre existing today with remaining traces of its orality and folkloric connections, and so the fairy tale remains a socio-cultural performance, even when it is being disseminated and marketed toward children as a profit scheme (3). Within the structure of the fairy tale exists a tension, which she contends is part of the seductive ploy of the fairy tale as it conceals this tension using narrative strategies as a…

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