Positoriality And Intranet Management

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I have previously worked for a national drug and alcohol charity for six years so, I have a good understanding about the clinical requirements and the importance of confidentiality and dealing with sensitive data.

I applied for this role as I am passionate about helping people and working for the Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group would allow me to do this. I’m also very excited about the role. Over my career, I’ve had the opportunity to create a lot of different content and I have a real passion for it, so I would love to do it full time.

I also believe I am the ideal candidate for this role, as my skills and experience align perfectly with your criteria set out in your job description. Social media channels
At Swanswell, I was
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As part of this, I was responsible with regularly updating the intranet with relevant news and updates. I was also responsible for managing user permissions and giving access rights when needed. Swanswell’s intranet was run on Microsoft SharePoint 2007.

Copywriting and collateral production
At Swanswell, I had the opportunity to write and create a number of collateral pieces including, newsletters (print and email), website text and images (sourcing, editing or creating from scratch), blog copy, reports, brochures, leaflets, posters, landing pages, promotional emails and merchandise.

Most of the time this involved planning the collateral’s production to the agreed deadlines, liaising with others who were contributing to its production, writing content, proofreading others’ content and liaising with external designers and printers to produce the final item. In the case of the digital collateral (social media posts, website content and landing pages) I worked independently to design and create the
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I have also collected a number of case studies to support press work and edited them to make them fit for purpose. When applicable, I have also shared them with colleagues to help support their work too.

Planning campaigns and content
As part of the website and social media management, I was responsible for putting together a content schedule to manage our key communications over the coming months and ensure our messages were consistent across all platforms. I also met quarterly with my colleagues in the press department to ensure we were consistent.

Communicating in an engaging way
Swanswell prides itself on its simple and easy to understand language. I also had the opportunity to have a manager who was really dedicated to creating great content and she taught me how to have great attention to detail to ensure all my work is

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