Positives And Negatives Of Life Essay

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Life is about opportunities, so individuals work hard to achieve their aspirations or goals that exist in their minds. In fact, throughout life 's journey, all people have been facing a lot of challenges, tribulations, and misfortunes that appear in the beginning to them as a complex and impossible to go through. A smart person is not as susceptible to let misfortunes cut his way out of achieving his goals. Even though there are many of disadvantages to being under the involuntary circumstances of misfortunes, there are also many positives to be gained such as acquiring life skills like endurance, which can make an individual stronger. God does not send problems that people can handle, but sometimes they think they underestimate their ability. Each misfortune that happens in individuals ' lives gives them valuable lessons that are useful to help them overcoming their personal obstacles and achieving their goals. Misfortunes teach people who have suffered from it under any situation the value of having a sustainable life. For instance, Poverty that considers one of the misfortunes of the homeless people 's lives has been teaching people the value of money. For example, One day my sister and I were buying bread from the bread shop. A little boy came with a basket of flowers that he was selling. When he came to us, we decided to give him some bread. He chose a large piece of bread. My sister told him that he would not be able to finish it. He said it is not…

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