positive relationships with children,young people and others unit 028

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Positive relationships with children and young people are important for the following reasons: When a child/young person feels comfortable and settled within their care setting they are more likely to engage and participate more with staff and other children within the group which creates a more relaxed atmosphere, it also makes the separation process easier for the parents/carers as well as the child /young person as it shows that the child/young person is emotionally secure, Building and maintaining positive relationships is also important as it contributes to the developmental needs of each individual child/young person personally, socially and emotionally which then enhances
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Ensuring that children and young people are aware and understand their views and opinions are valued and considered.



It is important that people involved in the care of children and young people build and maintain positive relationships with each other, as this can also have an enormous impact the development and wellbeing of the children and young people within their care spectrum, having a positive relationship with the child/young persons parent/carer can have positive effect on the child/young person, as this is the first step in getting to know and understand the initial needs and preferences, likes and dislikes and fears or concerns of each individual, also by including parent/carers in various sessions giving them the opportunity to contribute and get involved in planning and implementing of various activities it encourages people to engage in conversation where different views, ideas, and skills are learned and shared whilst showing the children/young people how to live in diverse community where we are all individuals who are able to work together regardless of background or upbringing. positive relationships between the various professionals working with children/young people whether it be colleagues, external agency/organisation or service, is

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