Hip Hop Culture Research Paper

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Hip hop is an influential part of urban and pop cultures since its exponential rise in popularity since the early 1970s. The rise of hip hop in urban communities effectively reduced the increasing levels of gang related violence and injustice in society, regardless of the stigma of a negative influence imposed by the mainstream media. The absolute positive ideals of hip hop and its positive effects are evident in the history of hip hop culture, seen through Zulu nation, and even in present day in inner cities. Hip hop converted the violent nature of gang conflicts to a force for uplifting community collaboration and unification while saving many from the poison of illicit gang activities. According to Dan Charnas, author of the Big Payback, …show more content…
He sought, through Zulu nation, to create an army of youth that had a positive impact in the community through black excellence and the black power movement rather than succumb to gang life. According to the Universal Zulu Nation website, they were formed from the unification of street gangs by the names of Black Spades, Savage Nomads, Seven Immortals, Savage Skulls. In the streets the organization that was initially spanned from The Organization became a musical wave of warriors of hip hop for peace as led by “brother” Bambaataa. This wave of DJing and MCing became one of the first families in hip hop culture that unified many that had succumbed to gang life, but were now preachers of peace, love, and unification through the elements of hip …show more content…
He is a prime example of the positive influences of the positive influences of hip hop. He claims to be an ex-drug king pin that has started a legitimate career in gangsta rap, a branch of hip hop’s rap that focuses on sex, money, drugs, and the thug life. He says that reason he stopped “flipping coco” is because he has “three kids bro”. Though this is only a singular example of the positive effects of hip hop culture and its music, there have been many other cases of rappers breaking through a hard life slinging crack and cocaine for gangs and other criminal organizations. As expressed in the documentary Planet Rock The Story Of Hip Hop And The Crack Generation, the widely known and influential rapper Snoop Dogg came from a life in the streets where he was shot at and had his friends shot and killed next to him while in the illegal drug trade. He says that hip hop was an important creative outlet for him that saved him and many others from amounting to nothing deemed respectable in our society dying in the streets at a young age. Through signing with Death Row records and releasing Doggy Style he was able to leave the streets and the gang violence that supplemented

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