Positive Education : Positive Psychology And Classroom Interventions

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This paper will examine the research paper; Positive education: positive psychology and classroom interventions. Identifying the effects of a positive education of the general public. With substantial data available on the effects of positive education on school children, along with a worldwide there is an epidemic of depression in young people, positive psychology and positive education could prove to be a valuable tool for generations to come (Seilgman, Ernst, Gillham, Reivich, & Linkins, 2009). This paper, will examine the plausibility and the effectiveness of positive education on the community as a whole. Positive education is best defined as the incorporation of skillsets for happiness, coping skills, personal engagement, positive emotion and increased resilience (Seilgman, Ernst, Gillham, Reivich, & Linkins, 2009). The Study When posed the question, what is you wish for your child? Undeniably parents answer with words like happiness, kindness, health etc.… However, with answers such as these you simply are left with more questions. What does happiness mean to you, and what will it mean to your child? Moreover, how are we able to teach the skills needed to our children, if we were never taught the skills ourselves, and we have spent our life learning what it means to be happy, kind, healthy etc.… We struggle throughout our lives, searching for answers, defining our own happiness. Often…

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