Positive And Negative Impact Of Technology In Education

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Technology in today’s society has evolved into a powerful source that is used by every industry, business entity, corporation, higher learning institutions, and even in our everyday lives in order to get through daily activities. In this paper I am going to explore how technology has changed how adults learn, how it has affected the education that is being distributed to students and how technology has help to create an effective use in educating adults. Before technology everything was manual, which slowed down the way teacher’s relayed information to their students, Universities were required to hire more employees then to assist the educators with paperwork and forced them to rely on manual systems to operate their classrooms. Computers …show more content…
Any information that a teacher or student could ever need is available online. Instead of consulting an encyclopedia, students can find answers to most questions with a few clicks on their computer or smart phone. This has both a positive and negative effect, on the plus side, it gives teachers an enormous amount of information from which to teach, but on the negative side the instant access to resources produces a lack of curiosity and investigation from students. With answers readily available, students are less likely to use their reasoning skills or draw their own conclusions.
Technology has removed the physical boundaries that used to govern schools and education (future of education, 2012). Students can now study from home with education technology that allows teacher and student to interact remotely through streaming devices and instant messaging. Students can download assignments from websites, listen to lectures on podcasts and communicate with the teacher via text messaging. This method also increased the need for more copyright laws due to the fact that individuals now have more access to other people products and ideas. Plagiarism is another issue that is being dealt with in higher education because of the evolution of technology and having more knowledge and access to information and figuring out how not to plagiarize. In fact, there has been a trend toward online charter schools that offer a comprehensive education delivered online. Before technology teachers were limited to the number of students in their classrooms, now a teacher is not limited and can teach hundreds of student across the country, all at the same

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