Positive And Negative Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was seen as positive, but it also brought many negative things along with it. The first negative effects were the poor/horrible living and working conditions, which were dangerous jobs that caused thousands of injuries and deaths; and tight, dirty, grimy, and extremely overcrowded living spaces. Secondly, there was a major lack of education for children and adults. And lastly, child labor made children work excruciatingly difficult, painful, and long jobs for absolute minimal pay. The Industrial Revolution brought on much great advancement, but it also brought many negative things such as little or no education, poor/horrible working and living conditions, and child labor. One of the large negatives of the Industrial Revolution was the poor/horrible working and living conditions. “[Before] dawn my labor drives me forth Tis night when I am free” (Document #2). This person leaves in the morning for work and returns at night, leaving no time for relaxation, doing housework, and sometimes not even being able to eat. The person is also a parent, so this makes it difficult for him/her to care for their children and spend time with them, which makes it hard on the parent and the child. In document #6, there was a picture of an overcrowded tenement …show more content…
Even though the Industrial Revolution had these horribly negative effects, the Industrial Revolution brought on many new inventions; many new ways of living, teaching, working, and production; it gave more jobs, it made people make child labor laws, and so many more positive things. So, the Industrial Revolution was a necessary part of history, because even though it had many negative effects, it helped the world learn and grow into what it is

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