Portrait Of A Diverse Learner Reflection Paper

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Portrait of a Diverse Learner Reflection Paper
Strengths and Weaknesses
A learning strength I observed while tutoring Leslie that stood out to me was his high level of learning agility. He came to our tutorial sessions each week eager to learn a new skill. His raw aptitude coupled with his positive attitude made each session a new adventure for him as he learned to use the calculator. His self-awareness, openness to learn new skills, motivation, and ability to apply previously taught calculator skills to new problems allowed Leslie to excel at each tutorial session.
The only learning weakness I ever observed while working with Leslie in a session was when he scored in the high sixties on one of the tests. He did not want to review the test with me. Instead, he asked for permission to throw it in my recycling bin. Nevertheless, he used that experience to reach a much higher score on the next test. Therefore, even if this scenario could be considered a learning weakness on his part, he was able to take advantage of the learning experience in following sessions.
Leslie is an identified gifted and talented student. Therefore, I had to modify the regular sixth grade curriculum to meet his individual learning needs. He is learning two grade levels of math in his advanced class this school year--sixth and seventh grade. He will take eighth-grade math next year in seventh grade where he will be required to use a graphing calculator. Therefore, I chose the…

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