Population Density Map Of Washington D.c Essay example

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This map of population density map of Washington D.C. allows us to directly see the areas of the city that are more populated, in the core, and the areas that are less populated, along the periphery. Unlike the most common maps of the city of Washington D.C., we can see more than just town names and highways. From the map we can see where people are living, and the roads and highways all lead to this centered dense population. This paper will not only describe this map of Washington D.C. and it’s characteristics, but it will also discuss the people of D.C. and my own thoughts about the city. The city of Washington D.C. has several differences between the core and the periphery, or outermost areas. The land within the core of Washington D.C. is home to what this particular map calls “High Density Commercial.” This area is highlighted in red on the map, and contains most of the businesses of Washington D.C.. It is no surprise that the core, and this section full of businesses, are located directly on the Potomac River. This river flows along the western border of Washington D.C., winding and weaving from the southern edge to the northern edge of the city. The river is very useful for import and export of goods, to and from the city. The core of Washington D.C. can also be accessed by any of the five Metro-link routes. The core of this city is also where the federal offices and Government buildings are, not just for Washington D.C., but for the entire United States. These…

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