Popular Music Analysis Essay

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3 Critical Analysis The writing style of the book might be hard to understand as the author have separated the historical background and his own point of view into two part, so that it might be not tight enough that let reader become confused. Also, the theme popular music have been separated by different kinds of music, but actually, different kinds of music actually somehow have relation to each others, and in this case, different type of songs become an individual thing that haven’t got relationship to each others. If the author can consider this problem, the theme will become more tight and the audience may not be confused to the theme. In the aspect of Popular Music and Politics, I really agree that Popular Music is not the only thing that we can only see as entertaining. A German sociologist T.W. Adorno argues that the key defining feature of mass culture is “SAMENESS”, Kevin (2007, p.265) emphasized “While a seemingly innocuous love song could, in some circumstances, …show more content…
Kelvin said that “he used connotation, implicit satire, or ambiguous interpretative possibilities to voice his protests”,like “Nanniwan”(南泥灣), which also consist of his political attacks”. Cui have challenged that “Those colonial music are lack of rebellious of cultural spirit, all of them are copying, there is no self-denial of the cultural environment”. It imply that rock music have a critical sense of response to the hegemony, which is a popular culture used to have. But actually, the nature of “subversive” have been overstated by the public as not all of them are entirely the dissidents in CCP. So in my opinion, I disagree author’s point that the reason of rock music’s started to lose its popular edge was due to its lack of novelty. But because its unreasonable forbid and overstated

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