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Concept of Constitution
Roel Gordolan Eroma USJ-R

Meaning of Constitution
In broad sense, the term constitution refers to that body of rules and principles in accordance with which the powers of sovereignty are regularly exercised.  It maybe defined as that written instrument by which the fundamental powers of the government are established, limited, and defined and by which these powers are distributed among the several departments or branches for their safe and useful exercise for the benefit of the people.

Nature and purpose or function of constitution

the charter creating the government. It has the status of a supreme or fundamental law as it speaks for the entire people from whom it derives its claim
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Kinds of Constitution

As to their form:
– Written-one which has been given definite written form at a particular time, usually by a specially constituted authority called a “constitutional convention.” – Unwritten-entirely, the product of political evolution, consisting largely of a mass customs, usages and judicial decisions together with a smaller body of statutory enactments of a fundamental character, usually bearing different dates. The English Constitution is unwritten only in the sense that it is not codified in a single document

Kinds of Constitution

As to manner of amending them: – Rigid or inelastic-one regarded as a document of special sanctity which cannot be amended or altered except by some special machinery more cumbrous that the ordinary legislative process. – Flexible or elastic-one which possesses no higher legal authority than ordinary laws and which maybe altered in the same way as other laws. – Philippine Constitution maybe classified as conventional or enacted, written, and rigid or inelastic, drafted by appointive body called “Constitutional Commission.”

Advantages and disadvantages of a written constitution
It has the advantage of clearness and definiteness over an unwritten one because it is prepared with great care and

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