Political System

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Which political system is better for a country? Each country have different needs, cultures, history, strengths and weaknesses to take into account in order to find the appropriate system.
The aftermath of war in Iraq, when talking about politics, was focused on asserting control over the country, the next step in order to rebuild the country is establishing a representational system, the majority believe that democracy is the system to follow, since a democracy is not a unknown concept for them, but the success of democracy depend on whether the United States take into consideration the unique social and communal population or the system was chosen because it have been prove to work for them.
A confederation is an alliance of sovereign states united for common objectives, this system is supposed to unite the different colonies, states or factions. This system also benefits the smaller factions due the use of a single vote, each faction would have a single vote, meaning that it will retain supreme power within its borders and since they would have

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