Political Implications Of Human Trafficking Essay

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Political implications of human trafficking
There are many political factors that contribute to the social justice of human trafficking. The trafficking victims protection act (2000) was the first actual law that combatted human trafficking. In addition to the TVPA there is Justice for Victims in Trafficking Act (2015). These acts have served the human trafficking well and continue to do so. Referring back to the TVPA, this act conducts an annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report that is done annually. This reports serves the purpose of ranking numerous countries in their efforts of combatting human trafficking. While there are many political efforts that fight against this social problem, there is also corruption that plays a factor as well. Specifically government corruption, when officials are not working with integrity and morals (Fagan, 2011).
The TVPA drafts laws to prohibit human trafficking in foreign countries and the United States. This contributes to the maintenance and expansion of multicultural programs, protection of victims, and activities. It was reauthorized in 2003, 2005, and 2008 adding more security for US victims and also “strengthened the role of the Trafficking in Persons Office within the State Department.” (Polaris project, 2014). Involving the government in the protection, prosecution, and prevention has been substantially beneficial. Each reauthorization of the TVPA has included governmental changes to increase the awareness of the social…

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