Political Communication Is Defined By James Carey Essay

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This will be a discussion of what is political communication is defined as. I will discuss what the OSROR model is and how it is used in political communication. I will have used this model to discuss Unemployment Benefits and how it relates in each part. Finally, I will give any final thought to Unemployment Benefits and my thoughts on how it relates to the OSROR model. Political communication must be defined as two separate words before being defined together. First, to understand political one must understand communication. As written by James Carey in his article titled A Cultural Approach to Communication, defined communication as a process whereby messages are transmitted and distributed in space for the control of distance and people (Carey 15). The Oxford Dictionary meaning of communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by seeking, writing, or using some other medium (definition 1). Political in dictionary.com is defined as relating to, or involving the state or its government (definition 4) and of or relating to citizens (definition 6). Political communication can be described as the public coming together to talk about the issues of government. In more definite meaning in the book titled An Introduction to Political Communication written by Brian McNair which stated, “Denton and Woodward, for example, provided one definition of political communication as pure discussion about the allocation fo public resources (revenues), official authority (who is…

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