Political Causes Of The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War was a dark time in American's history where Americans as a nation lost their roots and crumbled as a country. It was a war that lasted four years and over one million lives had died fighting for the cause. The Civil War left a big scar in American's past that's engraved in each citizen's mind as it's taught today in our history. It was period of time where the United States turned on each other and even before the war officially started, there was bloodshed between the North and South's opposing positions on the conflicts at the time. The Civil War's main cause, as many would agree, was the issue on slaves, but this can also be broken down into more refined causes such as, political causes, economical causes, and social causes.
Firstly, there were disagreements under the hood when it came to politics regarding the North and South. At the time, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Doulas were going against each other in the 1860 Election and both of the top candidates had very different views when it came to the South’s practices in slavery. Stephen A. Doulas who brought on the concept of Popular sovereignty to tip-toe around the fact he idealized slavery and it was
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It was a time of disunity where America's morals split right down the middle between the North and the South. Politics, economics, and society's views on slavery were all the causes of the Civil War in 1861 among the issues of slavery. The war happened and what has already happened can't be changed, but what the Civil War has given those working in the government now is a warning of what can happen if the people become too divided. The war's history also provides a guideline to keep the Civil War from repeating in the future. The Civil War may have brought America apart for those four bloody years, but in the end, it all brought America together stronger than

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