Policy Analysis: Analysis And Importance Of Public Policy

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A policy drives towards the decision-making and the rationale of governments throughout the hemisphere. Public policy is the government of activities that plays a significant importance towards the lives of citizens. Policies provide the principles that drive what should be done or what should not be done. To understand complete view of public policy, the analysis of a particular policy is necessary and critical. Policy analysis provides and facilitates a systematic approach that evaluates various policy analysis processes. “Policy analysis is the reviewing of what governments do the reasoning of such action and the impact it has on society, if any” (Dye, 2010).

With the consistent change in the lives of the citizens, analyzing of the
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The three main policy evaluations are the role it plays in values, the comparison of the end results of a policy, and the determination of effectiveness of services. The uncertainty exists which can increase the rapid changing environment and can also impact the effectiveness and efficiency of a policy implementation. A policy determines and implements by the way of human beings and their intentions and activities. Each set of policies has a specific cause of being established and the policies justify its existence. “Policy analysis involves looking at a primary concern with an explanation rather than a prescriptions” (Dye, 2010).

The importance of stages of policy analysis are the analysis and evaluation of policy inputs, analysis and evaluation of the processes, analysis and evaluation of programs, determining the efficiency and effectiveness of programs, the comparison of programs, analysis and evaluation of program time, and the analysis and evaluation of the result of a policy. All stages play a significant part in the policy analysis process. Based on the role of the government the promotion of general welfare is seen as the scope of goods and services, how they are rendered, and how the behavior of people is
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The social impact can be assessed based on whether or not they’re qualitative or quantitative. The analysis provides how the social impacts are considered in the broadest range it can possibly involve identifying the impacts of the policies on an individual, community or society. For example, the healthcare market is faced with consistent scrutiny and public policymakers face these challenges everyday. The best practices and solution will help serve towards effectiveness and

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