Police Violence And The Police Essay

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Police body cameras
In the recent years there was growing tension between pole and the community they serve. Police use of force became a national concern throughout the nation, and also there were a number of protests against the police brutality. As a result, many activist groups was formed mostly from the people of colure requesting reforms in the law enforcement departments. A good example is the Black lives matter movement which was formed after the death of Michael Brown who was gunned down by a police officer, and other shootings that followed after Brown. Video recorded by eye witnesses displayed police misconducts and their use of force against the civilians. Most victims of police misconducts were members of the African American community. A lot of practitioners and academics drown their attention to issue of police body cameras trying to answer the question “will body-worn cameras reduce police misbehaviors and citizen’s complaints?”. The Legislative departments of the country from federal level to county level were also debating over to reform the police department by equipping them with body-worn cameras. Although body-worn cameras have benefits, however, they are not the right solution to police brutality and also it is a threat to citizens in several ways. Those arguing of weather police should wear body cameras are pointing that cameras are used to record community-police encounters such as…

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