Police Stop And Frisk Practices Essay

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The journal “Police stop-and-frisk practices: an examination of factors that affect officers’ decisions to initiate a stop-and-frisk police procedure” by Avdi S. Avdija , he writes about how the stop and frisk procedure works, and the requirements the police officers have to follow. Avdija mentions, “There were 14 predictors or reasons that were typically used by the police officers to justify the initiation of a police stop procedure on a suspect. All were recorded /measured dichotomously with binary (yes/no) response categories. The second set of variables, however, includes suspects’ demographic characteristics” (Avdija 28) meaning, when police officers are filling the stop and frisk application, they have to write why they stop an individual, the behavior, police also have to write what gender was the person, race and age. Where was the place taken, moreover this procedure also helps the researchers to see the date of what race and gender gets stop and frisked most of the times, and why they get stopped. Yet most of this people who are stopped are mostly innocent individuals of Blacks and Latinos community. Moreover stop and frisk is the major problem for the society. It is real that Black and Latinos are major targets for the police officers, proved by the NYCLU statistics, but highest target for the police are Black people, showed in the statistics. Police officer are not always following the law, but violating it most of the times, it is true that not…

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