Essay on Police Officers Of Public Service

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There is no branch of public service where a man or women is so dependent upon their own intuition and resources than in police departments (Brereton, 1935). These men and women are subject to department policies, as well as the publics array of opinions and accusations.The use of force is a sensitive topic in todays society, where the public expects text–book strategies for deescalating confrontational scenarios. To police officers, use of force is a necessary part of the job, yet no one can predict when they will encounter a potentially life threatening scenario. The internal and external pressures placed on police officers are factors that often work against an individual. Unfortunate cases such as Rodney King brings to question the quality of training each officer acquires before they are sworn into a department. Enforcing laws and protecting lives require much more than a gun and a badge. The expectations of the public far exceed the training, or lack of training, most officers receive. The issue behind use of force has many applications. By preparing officers through training in police and procedure, along with classroom instructions and practical training, officers will be better equip to address improper use of force (Wittie, n.d.). A few years ago, the general public assumed that police work was largely a matter of common knowledge. Nothing studied in a book or discussed in a classroom setting could prepare a man or women for the duties tied to their badge; “If…

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