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The role of media in everyday life has changed dramatically over the past 100 years, evolving and helping to shape the future of society. From printed press, radio, T.V. broadcasts, and social media, the information is seen by almost everyone. The role of media in our lives is to inform us of current events and keep society focused and updated on important matters. While this may seem to be a simple task it has turned into a very complex ordeal in modern day America. The news has evolved into many different outlets; ABC News, Fox News, CNN News, just to name a few, and they all take different perspectives on current issues and choose to show different material. The media in this instance must all compete for viewers. They compete with local stations and country wide stations. With viewers in mind, the media must select news that will interest the most viewers, so the different media outlets will attempt to get the most attractive stories to attract the largest audiences. One would expect that whenever the police are caught on camera dealing with a subject that requires force, it would make the news because of its violent nature. In recent times, the media has obsessed over these stories that show the police using force. Not only is it making headlines in the media, but now there are also various shows dedicated to the lives of police officers and the dangers they face. All of this exposure of police has greatly impacted current policing strategies.
Media serves as an
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While the number of uses of force in policing may be dropping, the perception of society is that the use of force is increasing in numbers and severity. The media and public perception of the use of force by police is affecting the officer’s discretion and their training in the use of force; and ultimately public

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