Essay on Police Officer Is The Most Rewarding

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Police officers are looked up to with respect and admiration. They have the duty to protect the people in the community. Police officers in all different cities are willing to save strangers and bring safety and comfort to the people in some of their worst times. They are also educators by providing tickets in order to correct behavior and prevent the same mistake which in essence can prevent any future accidents. The job of being a police officer is the most rewarding because their job is to protect the people, and prevent harmful situations.
The most important question that must be answered before becoming a police officer is “why do you want to become a police officer?” Some people want to become a police officer because it 's a respectable job where they help people on a day to day basis in many different situations. Police officers are willing to risks their lives to maintain order and peace. Aside from having such a respectable position in a community, there are many great benefits when being a police officer, such as health insurance, paid holidays, sick leaves, paid overtime, as well as pension plans. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2015 the national occupational employment rate for police officers is 657,460 with a relative standard error is 0.6%. The mean hourly wage is $29.46, and the annual mean wage is $61,270.
In order to become a police officer, you must have a high school diploma or a valid certificate of equivalency issued by a state…

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