Police Enforcement Have Abused Their Authority Essay

1388 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Over the year’s law enforcement have been questioned on how they handle a situation whether it involves people resisting arrest or even animals. Are police officers doing their job or abusing their authority? Well law enforcement have abused their authority while confronting people, but when the officers are questioned about their force they make themselves look like the victim while making the real victim look the villain. People have been killed and have died under law enforcement 's watch, animals that were only trying to protect their caretaker have also been killed for no reason, and police officers have made so many "mistakes" that could have been avoided if they paid close attention to what they were doing.
Not all police officers abuse their authority but some rather take action at the moment and fail to ask questions to resolve a problem in a better fashion. Officer David Natt is a great example of an officer who has a heart and knows how to deal with situations better than most officers. He was patrolling a park that was closed when he came cross a vehicle parked in the parking lot. As he approached the car he didn 't expect a family sleeping in there. Robert Wood and his family were moving from Alaska to Eugene to begin a new life but haven 't had found housing so they decided to sleep in their car for the night to save money. When officer Natt heard his story he welcomed Robert back to his hometown and offered his family two nights at a hotel on him. This is how…

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