Corruption In Law Enforcement

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Police corruption in law enforcement has been one of the most important issues brought up by citizens in the past and present. Also police corruption and its detrimental consequences can lead to the collapse of public confidence in law enforcement. A police officer is corrupt when he or she is acting in their official capacity and is able to receive a benefit from that action, by either doing something or not doing something. Law enforcement and there extreme authority and discretion that they are allowed to use is a breeding ground for the infestation of corruption to begin. Law enforcement agencies today take extreme measures and hold high expectations for individuals in the recruitment process to hopefully …show more content…
There are a few different types of corruption, you have Grass-eaters who have a passive personality and will except anything they can get a hold of. Then there are the Meat-eaters they are typically more aggressive and are on the lookout for chances to exploit a financial gain. To bring them all together to be called rotten apples. Rotten apples can be one or many officers in the department or precinct that are corrupt. They did not give much insight in the journal on the meaning behind rotten apples and the different types that exist.
Secondly there are several factors that come into affect with corruption and why it happens, here are a few. Ecological factors is one of them is residential instability ethnic diversity, family disruption, population density, Economic status and proximity to urban areas. These factors discourage community members from achieving shared values. In the journal they did not go into depth or have examples of the meanings of the ecological factors. So it was a little difficult to understand. There are also ecological factors which may explain part of the police misconduct but it does not capture the most important factor which in the

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