Police Brutality: The Tension Between The People And Police Officers

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The job of a police officer is to protect and serve the people and to preserve the peace within the country. However, there have been certain incidences where people felt as if the law enforcement officers have taken advantage of their power. Due to the fact that many people are beginning to generate these specific feelings towards the police, creates tension between the people and the law enforcement officers, especially individuals of color. Others agree that individuals of color intimidate law enforcement officers, causing them to act with necessary force. Has police brutality become recently more excessive due to power hungry officers or intimidation by people of color?

When you are around police officers, you are suppose to feel
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However, I have an uncle who is a police officer, who has witnessed his fellow officers inflict unnecessary pain onto people that they have already placed under arrest. “Was it because the people that were being under arrest may have been a little disobedient and that your fellow officers did so as a means of showing superiority?” I asked my uncle. He responded, “No, that couldn’t have been the case. Nobody wishes to go to jail if they wouldn’t have to. Even if it may mean being obedient to the officer who just arrested you.” Then what could have been the problem for inflicting unnecessary pain upon the people who were under arrest? That’s the question that everyone has been asking due to the excessive cases of police brutality towards people of …show more content…
Two years later on July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was killed while police officers were arresting him. The police officers pinned Garner to the ground while arresting him. Garner repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe”, but the police officers wouldn’t let up. Once they got off of him, he appeared unconscious. They thought he had just passed out. The police officers called an ambulance but the ambulance didn’t come until 17 minutes later. He was pronounced dead one hour later.

The police had already placed Eric Garner under arrest, why would they need to expend more force onto him when he repeatedly told them he couldn’t breathe? Were the police officers just power hungry and wanted to show their superiority?

On April 12, 2015, there was another black man who had fallen victim to police brutality. The name of this black man was Freddie Gray. On this day, Freddie Gray had entered a police van handcuffed. However, less than one hour later, when he came out the van, Gray’s spine was practically severed. This was not the first case where a black man has suffered a horrific spinal injury when in a police van. In 2004, Jefferey Alston won a case where he was paralyzed from his neck down when he took a ride in a police van. Dondi Johnson Sr.’s family also won a case where he died two weeks after sustaining a spinal injury while in a police

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