Essay about Police Brutality Of The United States

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In the United States, tensions among the public and especially amongst the African American community are rising due to the latest cases of police brutality. The use of brutal and in most cases lethal force by some police officers leading to the unnecessary deaths has seen the US security forces being on the spot concerning their work ethics. Some may want to argue these cases such as the shooting of Michael Brown and Sandra Bland are isolated cases. Others would argue that the work of a police officer is too difficult and that sometimes such an officer needs to use such force to not only enforce the law but also to protect himself or herself while on duty. It is very true that law officers have a very difficult job that sometimes includes not only making very difficult ethical decisions in a fraction of a second but which also place them at a high risk, even to the point of risking their lives (Stamper 78). The law protects officers while using brutal force when it is necessary, such as when they have to apprehend an extremely dangerous criminal or when they have to protect themselves from being the victims of the criminals they are trying to handle. However, a closer look at the recent trend of police brutality indicates that the police are lack effective skills on their jobs and avoid unnecessary fatalities as they go about their work. The problem with giving them this provision is that they can abuse it and, therefore, end up being the ones harming the lives…

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