Police Brutality And The Civil Rights Movement Essay example

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Police brutality has existed the entire history of policing. There always been police officers that made bad judgment calls in certain situations that lead to the excessive use of force which resulting in death. Majority of the police officers want and plan to make the world a safer place and will use the minimum level of force necessary to do so. But there is no denying that, throughout history policing sometimes have encountered police brutality. In the beginning of policing, demonstrations of mass mercilessness were generally credited to the poor work laborers. From the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, to the Pullman Strike of 1894, the Lawrence material strike of 1912, the Ludlow slaughter of 1914, the Steel strike of 1919, and the Hanapepe slaughter of 1924, the police would mercilessly beat striking workers. Next came Prohibition, The Civil Rights Movement, The Vietnam War and the Nixon organization which all had vast scale demonstrations of police brutality spading from the 20s through the 60s. However, it did not stop there. Police misconduct and brutality is still very much a problem in our country. U.S. Bureau of Justice provide details regarding police utilization of drive discharged in 2001 demonstrates that in 1999, "around 422,000 individuals 16 years of age and more seasoned were assessed to have had contact with police in which constrain or the risk of compel was used. Another Department of Justice report issued in 2006 shows that out of 26,556 citizen…

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