Police Brutality And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

1498 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
In 2015, nearly one thousand, one hundred and thirty-four African Americans were killed from the result of police violence. Police brutality is the use of excessive force used by law enforcement. It creates negative consequences like the distrust of police officers, creation of hostility between police and ethnic groups, and psychological effects on the victims. The birth of this term can be coined before the Civil Rights Movement with beatings, unwarranted arrests, and the deaths of protestors. One of the biggest problems with this issue is how the law system has and will not taking responsibility for these deaths and injuries and how little has been done to prevent the use of unnecessary action. Police who use this excessive force need to have accountability of the consequences of their actions.
In order to create accountability, law enforcement must realize that many minorities have resentment because of the brutality seen from generation to generation. For example, like with the Civil Rights Movement, young black children seen the brutality first-hand, growing up with the memories of their friends, family, or strangers being discriminated, beaten, forcefully arrested, and in some cases, being killed on the streets. These memories grow into hatred or distrust of police, teaching their children and grandchildren to be cautious around those who are sworn in to protect. To add to, when young children are “exposed to police violence [they] may develop a negative perception…

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