Police Brutality Among African Americans Essay

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Police Brutality amongst African Americans
Ideas are the greatest warriors of the world and brutality can be described as a war that has no idea behind it simply because it is one of the things that keep the society chained to the ground. Brutality is brought by weakness lack of empathy and lack of compassion. Police brutality is the use of excessive physical force by police when dealing with civilians. Police brutality can be demonstrated in different ways and mostly in a physical form such as the use of batons, pepper spray, nerve gas, and guns so as to intimidate or intentionally hurt civilians. Police brutality can also take place in the form of killings, verbal attacks, sexual abuse, false arrests, corruption, the improper use of Tasers and racial profiling. African Americans are also known as black Americans; it is an ethnic group and the residents of the United States of America (Brunson 77). A national report from the police departments in the United States claim that there is no police brutality against the African Americans, but I differ with this report. In this paper, I will argue out my view by stating the facts and point out real events where I have heard cases of police brutality towards African Americans.
According to a study made killings top the list of the other forms of oppressions African Americans face from the police officers, security guards or self-appointed vigilantes. In every 36 hours, a black American is…

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