Police Body Cameras Should Be Legal Essay

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Police Body Cameras

In recent polls it is said that in about nine out of every ten people believe body cameras are the solution to police misconduct. Police body cameras are cameras that are meant to record a police officers and a citizen 's actions and behavior. The Rialto Police Department was the first in the country to enforce the use of body cameras on their officers, In recent year body cameras are seen as a solution to protect the community from police harm. To most people that oppose body cameras believe that the cameras are an invasion to privacy. However police body cameras are more of a way to protect the community from police from misbehavior than to invade someone 's property and privacy. This paper will include the opinions of police officers as well as the opinions of the public. Police body cameras are better for the community because they provide evidence of police misbehavior and evidence of citizens misbehaving. So police should be forced to wear body cameras to protect not only citizens but police from false accusations.

Police body cameras have become very popular in recent years and the trust in the police department is at its lowest in years. Many people believe that body cameras will increase the officer accountability and if they misbehave there will be video evidence that will help punish them. Frederic Reamer, a professor in the School of Social Work at Rhode Island College in Providence, describes the debate of body cameras as an “Enduring…

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