Pokemon : A Popular Show Essay

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Pokémon was a popular show in the 90’s in America. It’s an animated fiction cartoon show. The show was so popular kids and even adults watch it. The ratings of Pokémon show began to decrease, due to the lack of viewers. Someone in the Pokémon business decided to find a way to increase the views and fans of the animated series. They constructed a game app called Pokémon Go. The game is an app on a smart phone and/ or a tablet. Pokémon Go is an interactive game, that makes the player go inside or outside to find the Pokémon characters that pop up. If a Pokémon character is caught, then it is a step closer to getting to the next level. The game was popular, because it promotes good health. Unfortunately, the game became unpopular in a short period of time, due to myths, accidents, deaths, and etc.
Today, in America the number one problem is Obesity. Obesity is mainly found in children. There have been complaints how children are obese, because they do not get out much. For this reason, the creators discovered a way to get the children out of the house. It was a great idea, because kids tend to stay in the house and watch television all day. Instead of sitting around, the kids can pick up the phone or tablet and go outside and play Pokémon Go.
One of the downfalls of the app is a myth about the Chinese government using the app for espionage. While using the app, the location has to be turned on. The Chinese will locate the players via satellite. Due to the myth, the ratings of…

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