Poisoned by Greed Essay examples

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Amani Wynne
Dr. Earley
Image Analysis: NFL logo

“Poisoned by Greed”

The National Football League was founded in Canton, Ohio, by a group of seven individuals representing four clubs in 1920. The league began with 14 teams and after eight decades since its inaugural season, the NFL has grown to 32 clubs and has become America’s biggest and most popular sports league. According to a recent Harris poll, 30% of those surveyed selected the NFL as their favorite sport, equal to the popularity of professional baseball (15%), professional basketball (7%) and auto racing (7%) combined (Harris Poll). Roughly 120 million fans watch NFL football on television or in
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When I first look at the image of the NFL, I think of owners, and already know, that the majority of them are wheeling and dealing billionaires. How did they become billionaires? They became billionaires due to their frugality. The NFL owners prove their frugality through their negotiations with the players association. The first and most crucial dispute of the labor negotiations pertains to how to split the 9 billion dollars in annual revenue. Now most people look at this situation, and think it’s preposterous. How can any group of people have trouble splitting 9 billion dollars? Many think it’s both the players and the owners trying to be selfish, however in actuality; it’s the owners trying to get more pieces of the pie; not that they don’t get enough already. In the previous CBA (collective bargaining agreement) the total revenue would get split up like so: The owners would automatically get 1 billion of the 9 billion of the top. After that, it would be a 59% to 41% split of the remaining 8 million; with the players getting the 59% and the owners getting 41%. Thus, it gives the players a total of 4.72 million, and the owners, with their 1 billion dollar credit, a total of 4.28 billion. Now, that gives the players the slight edge in money, but given there are over 2000’s players under contract, and around 40 owners, that would seem relatively fair to most. Now the owners are getting greedy and want more money in the new CBA. The players association, being

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