Point of Care Testing Essay

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The combining of Point of Care Testing and Health Care Clouds is an emerging trend and innovation that is driving Canada’s healthcare transformation from today into tomorrow…..

Trends help to understand how things have been changing in various fields over a given time. There are many current trends in health care and those that address our most prevalent situations in healthcare today are those that bring “best practice” with “cost effectiveness”. Cost effective health care means ensuring the right service is efficiently provided at the right time, in the right place, by the most appropriate and least expensive combination of
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This led to the development of large centralized laboratories because they were cost effective through the development of automated systems for analysis of patient samples. Point-of-care testing is an important diagnostic tool for today’s medicine. Simple point‐of‐care testing has long been a feature of hospital wards and general practice surgeries and at home. Familiar examples include urinalysis, blood glucose measurement and home pregnancy test kits.
Today’s health care demand is shifting toward prevention and early detection of disease thereby opening the door to a more sophisticated point-of-care testing model because it provides a wider array of immediate results to support more patient-centered approaches to healthcare delivery. The range of tests that can now be undertaken at the point of care spans the full gamut of clinical practice.
POCT in today’s environment provides many advantages. Lab results are pivotal in decision making with the critically ill so that appropriate interventions can be made quickly. POCT provides rapid analysis thereby improving patient flow throughout the medical system. It does this by providing time management improvements, allowing physicians to begin treatments early and these early interventions saves lives. Time savings are seen because the transportation process of getting the specimen from the patient to the lab is eliminated. The time saved in the POCT process can now be more efficiently used for patient

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