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Diversity and Conflict Management for Going Green Initiative of Riordan Manufacturing
Sharon D. Olney-Hill
PM/ 582
February 2, 2014
Lindsay Pineda

This paper will speak to the issues and opportunities experienced by Riordan Manufacturing. Riordan Manufacturing management’s has made a decision to implement organizational transformation by “Going Green Initiative”. The decision to take on an external consultant to evaluate assembly processes and to propose a sustainability plan to conform the organization to ISO 14001 principles is easier said than done because of unwilliness and complete contributions of team members.
Issue and Opportunities
In short, the Riordan Manufacturing scenario went through
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As with any team, competition, resentful, friendships, and aggression are sure to exist. The Project Leader should convince individuals to collaborate irrespective of one’s feelings, to put away personal likes and dislikes, and center on accomplish project goals. Key fundamentals of conflict resolution are as follows: self-understanding, forcefulness, problem-solving skills, and mediation vibrant leadership abilities to generate supportive, compassionate communications in the groups you lead. Make it obvious that you believe in everyone's contribution (, 2014).
Executive Summary
In the case of Riordan Manufacturing, a project team is developed to perform the “Going Green Initiative “plan. The project team plays a vital role in the overall achievement or failure of “Going Green Initiatives” plan. There is an assortment of strategies that a leader may use to promote accomplishment while maintaining a positive and courteous relationship.
Conflict management strategies may be used by the leader to ensure a healthy environment for the successful completion of the green initiative. Difference in knowledge may create a conflicting situation for the team members. It is the responsibility of a team member to identify, address and mitigate conflicts. To ensure the successful completion of any project, it is vital to create a favorable environment for the team members. Avoidance strategy is aimed to pay no

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