Essay On Plutarch And Geoffery Chaucer

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“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” (Shakespeare, 1599-1601). This quote was extracted from a play called Hamlet, which was written by Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon. Also, based on the information obtained, many people said that the Disney movie, Lion King, was derived from this play. Not only that, according to Buzzfeed (an Internet media company), this quote is one of Shakespeare’s most famous quotes.
Even though he’s a very well known person and almost everyone in the whole world is familiar with his writings, no one knew the exact date of his birth. People only have knowledge of the date he was baptized, which was on the 26th of April 1564, and that he’s the third child of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden, also
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For Shakespeare, it was Plutarch and Geoffery Chaucer. Plutarch was a teacher of philosophy in Rome and wrote Parallel Lives as one of his best-known works. It consists of biographies of notable soldiers and statesmen. Shakespeare used North’s translation of Parallel Lives as his main source for his plays. On the other hand, Geoffery Chaucer is regarded as one of England’s finest poets and wrote his poetry in Middle English. Also, because of his father’s ties to the royal family, he became a permanent member of the King’s household. By reading both Chaucer’s, Plutarch’s along with Shakespeare’s works, you can see that Shakespeare admired Chaucer’s and Plutarch’s work immensely that he used a number of their works as sources of his …show more content…
Before Shakespeare was born, English language weren’t standardized. But since he’s become popular as a writer, he helped standardizing English language. Also, he introduced new words and phrases, experimented with blank verse and introduced new poetic along with grammatical structures. Not only that, Shakespeare’s words was also quoted more than any other writer in Samuel Johnson’s A Dictionary of the English Language. In European and American literature, Shakespeare influenced a large number of writers in the 1800s, including famous writers like Charles Dickens, Herman Melville, Thomas Hardy and William Faulkner. Because of that, “critic George Steiner has called all English poetic dramas from Coleridge to Tennyson ‘feeble variations on Shakespearean themes’. “ (Wikipedia, 2016) In Theatres, because his plays that are performed in theatres were really great that it was the most admired plays in Western literature, it expanded the audiences’ expectations of what could be accomplished through plot and language. Also, since Shakespeare integrated characterization with plot (if the main character were just slightly different in any way, the plot would totally change), now actors are not only chosen based on their acting skills, but also their compatibility of becoming the character they’re casting

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