Love And Wisdom In Plato's 'Apology'

(An explanation of why the study of Plato’s, “Apology”, is important to me) Philosophy is defined as two things; Love and wisdom. Plato makes a myriad of arguments in his astounding work, “Apology” in regards to love and wisdom. What are these things? What is love and what is wisdom? How does one possess such a thing? Plato is a philosophical genius in the way that he asks so many questions. He further demonstrates his brilliance by answering these questions with more questions. In his book, “Apology”, Socrates is being tried for atheism and corrupting youth. Youth in this particular work of literature are beginning to question their entire existence because of the questions that they are being asked. Plato is sentenced to death, but
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Socrates clearly states in this line that he knows that he knows nothing. He admits willingly that he has no wisdom; However, the Gods have declared to the entire population that Socrates is the wisest man of them all. Therefore, Socrates is wisest because of the fact that he says he is in fact not wise at all. All of the other great scholars of that time period say that they are extremely knowledgeable, thus of greater importance than mere commoners who lack this wisdom. These men lack an extremely important trait that Socrates demonstrates by speaking these lines. Humility is nowhere to be found in the characteristics of these great advisors who are putting Socrates on trial. This is a very important lesson to me for a number of reasons, including the simple lesson of being humble and knowing that the high and mighty people in this world may not actually be as prestigious as we make them out to be. I view humility as an essential trait for success and a happy life. Socrates teaches that the wisest of us all are the ones who are humble enough to admit the things we don’t know. This will create the spark for us to gain as much knowledge as possible and gain wisdom with class and

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