Essay about Plato 's Trial And Death Of Socrates

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While reading Plato’s Trial and Death of Socrates, I felt like I understood what Socrates was trying to say for the most part. I couldn’t bring myself to really like this book, but I do think that Socrates was a person who tried to speak the truth of what he proudly stood against before ending his life during his trial. In his defense, I think he was the only person who tried to speak up for everyone about his own critical thinking and encouraged the majority to ask questions, but as a society at the time, who were indifferent to ideas other than their own, had Socrates accused for an outrageous idea or doing. In which, my reaction paper will be about Socrates mentioning his beliefs during his trial, how I thought his trial was unnecessary and that Socrates should have had the right to speak for himself and what he truly believed in. I feel like Socrates wanted to show the people that as a society, we are given the right to speak our own minds, freely, without facing the same consequences that had led him to give up his own life for the people to understand what it truly meant to be a citizen. As I read through this book, I found it amazing how Socrates was not even guilty of committing a crime or any wrongdoings, but the fact that the court decided it was the right thing to go against him. I guess you can say that many different people believed in different things that should have happened to Socrates, but I think he was completely innocent and was willing to stand up for…

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