Plato 's Philosophy For Understanding Theology Essay example

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As Diogenes Allen says in his book Philosophy for understanding theology, we can get a sound idea of the immensity of Aquinas 's achievements by an examination of his program in natural theology. This paper presents and discusses from a Biblical and Theological point of view, the five proofs/ the five ways of the existence of God given by Aquinas in the Summa Theologica . His theory is of a great importance hence a proof is needed because it is not self evident to us that God exists because as Aquinas says we can not grasp the divine essence. In this case, through an argument from the being of God to the existence of God is impossible because His essence is not known to us. But God as our creator has effects. Therefore we can demonstrate the existence of God by pointing to the existence of effects of which God is the cause. In his five points, Aquinas connects an effect (the creation) back to its cause (God). Because God is far more greater than just His creation, through Aquinas’ arguments we can not see the essence of God but we can establish that he exists. Aquinas 's theory was in opposition with the one that Anselm wrote. Anselm connects the predicate exists to the subject God by means of the cause of their connection (God’s essence). Therefore, the point of this paper is simply to argue that it is impossible to rationally look at our world without seeing the reality of a creator God.
The first out of the five ways is: The argument from Motion.
Aquinas came up with…

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