What Art Unveils Alva Noe Analysis

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Humans are some of the most evolved species in the world who have several ways of communicating or expressing themselves to others. Some of these ways that humans use to express themselves can be a form of physical activity, writing, speaking or through art. Out of those four things art is the most complicated thing to understand because the individual is seeing an idea from the perspective of someone else and is attempting to understand what the creator was thinking or what message the artist was trying to give. While viewing an art work an individual might get a completely different message or interpretation from the one the artist intended to give and for that reason neuroscientists are trying to find a way to make everyone see art in the same way. I completely agree with Alva Noe’s article of “What Art Unveils” where he states that art itself is a form of research itself and cannot be explained through neuroscience nor by philosophy. The reason I agree with Alva Noe is because art has a hidden background and it is a form of finding or understanding an individual’s essential nature through their own interpretation of art and because art itself to a certain point is made so others may interpret it as they wish. In “What Art Unveils” Alva Noe explains how he himself is a philosopher, teacher and writer who enjoys …show more content…
For example tools are a form of art that we don’t really consider art. Sure it does not take a philosopher to make everyone understand what the purpose of a specific tool is but it also does not take a philosopher to make us realize the beauty and importance of that tool. Like Noe said in his article, a door knob for example is a piece of art that is taken for granted. It is not necessary for us to give it a different meaning other than a tool for helping us open doors but it does to a certain point define our life and facilitate it for

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