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The name of the business is a Platinum pizza shop. The pizza shop will be located in Newburgh, New York. The company will seek to solve the problem of lack of wide variety of food items in the restaurant and increased the cost of different food items offered by eateries in Newburgh. Platinum pizza shop intends to provide people living in Newburgh and its environs with a broad range of high-quality and affordable food products. The shop will ensure that food products are prepared using the latest technology to ensure that the quality of food is not compromised. The management of the Platinum pizza shop will ensure that the price of a food product is different to ensure that customers get a food product that are affordable to them, at any given …show more content…
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Company Description
The name of the company is Platinum pizza shop. Increasing demand of food products and the desire of having a food joint that offer affordable food, 24 hours a day for seven days of the week is the key motivation of opening Platinum pizza shop. The pizza shop will be located in Newburgh, New York, USA. Newburgh is an amazing location for a new restaurant since its highly populated, with the biggest proportion having a high monthly income. The population of Newburgh is approximately 28,480 people, while the average domestic income is estimated to be about $34,966.
Platinum pizza shop is a sole proprietorship form of a business owned and run by Nabilah Ali. The business has team of employees working in different departments. Mark Macko is the head of the finance department. Amy Janovich is the head of the marketing department. Marlin Batista is the kitchen manager. The sales department is headed by Stacey Ben. Every department has its employees who perform different duties in ensuring that pizza shop operates effectively. Nabilah Ali is the overall head of the company, company director. The key decisions in the company are done by the company
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The company recognizes that different customers have different taste and preferences. To ensure that the needs of every customer is satisfied, the company has carried a field study to identify different types of food stuffs that are consumed by different individual by considering the age of the customers, gender and financial capacity of different people. Platinum pizza shop offers different food stuffs that increase the freedom of customers to choose what they want. The company intends to make orders with different specifications. This allows customers to order the ingredient of the food product they want from the shop.
The target market is people living in Newburgh and its neighborhood. The pizza shop has food products suitable for people of all ages and gender. The main types of food products offered by Platinum pizza shop include appetizers, salads, crispy wings, oven-baked rolls, pies, pasta, gourmet topping, sandwiches, desserts, and classic toppings. The pizza shop will remain open 24/7 order to ensure that all customers buy food at their convenient

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