Plastic Surgery : What Do You Think? Essay

736 Words Dec 4th, 2014 3 Pages
When you hear the words “plastic surgery”, what do you think? Plastic surgery in the medical field relates to the rectification or reinstatement of structure and function of the body’s features. Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery. However it is not necessarily cosmetic and includes many types of reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns (“Plastic surgery”). Have you ever thought about plastic surgery? If you have the experience, what are reasons that made you undergo of it? And what would you make different now after surgery? There are many motivating factors that make people choose to have plastic surgery. These include accidents and diseases, birth defects and birthmarks, desiring beauty, and reversing the signs of aging. For instance, in my country, it is dreadfully trendy for everyone who wants to change their features to be more beautiful. So, they go to a place where they can have plastic surgery. Assume the situation that your appearance is changed due to having a car accident, falling, getting burned, becoming injured in sports, etc. Perhaps or you have undergone a mastectomy for healing cancer. These events ravage your body and you need reconstructive and cosmetic surgery (Smith). If you have birth defects or birthmarks as skeletal deformities, it can make plenty of social and emotional handicaps. What can you do to figure it out? You would like to…

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