Plastic Surgery: The Risks Of Cosmetic Surgery

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In 2010, 219,000 procedures were done on teens, 1(Collins). This number is quickly increasing and that is not a good thing. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Some patients may overlook the risks of aesthetic surgery because it is performed by doctors. . . The fact that a surgeon is putting in implants send a subtle message that they are safe. What healer would do something to harm us?” 1(Edmonds). The risks of cosmetic plastic surgery are being overlooked because of the safety net of having a highly educated doctor perform the procedure. It sends a message that cosmetic surgery is a good and safe idea. Beauty has become the ideal look for society and plastic surgery has been a way for young adults and teens to reach the beauty standard. …show more content…
“One in four plastic surgeons nationwide took home $300,000 or more in 1997,” 1(Schulte). Cosmetic surgery has dramatically increased since 1997, 2 out of 4 now make anywhere between $300,000-500,000 a year. Doctors have realized that cosmetic surgery is a great field to go into to make a wealthy profit. According to the Sun-Sentinel Newspaper in Florida, “Some target insecure 20-somethings in search of bigger breasts or beach-friendly physiques with discount prices and easy-credit terms,” 1(Schulte). Some doctors lose sight of reality and allow these teens and young adults to be having invasive surgery with many risks, because all they see are dollar signs. “Dr. Emillo Echevarria, a Tampa surgeon who chairs the Florida Board of Medicine’s surgical care committee, warns that not all doctors use good judgement,” 2(Schulte). As marketers see the increase in minors having cosmetic surgery they are targeting them for surgery because if they can influence their choices they will definitely convince them that surgery is a wise idea, “Its patients’ average age is 30 and that a ‘large percentage’ are minorities,” 3(Schulte). Rules need to be set in place that will protect teens and young adults from being influenced into getting cosmetic

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